At Phoenix + Willow, it is our goal to lessen our carbon footprint as best we can. We do this through recycling, reusing packaging, using less paper, and by purchasing from companies that follow sustainable practices.

Sustainability is very important to us and it's a path we will continue to follow.

Here are some steps we are taking right now to create change:

When we receive product, we separate out the packing material, if any, and save it to use for mailing packages to you. Everything gets saved and reused. The peanuts we use are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

We use home compostable bags made from sustainable plants and non-toxic, compostable resin. They are designed to be reused again or you can put them in with your food scraps and garden waste instead. When your package arrives it will be in a black bag with the words I'm a Real Dirt Bag on it. :-)

The bags in which your products are placed are also from the same company as the mailing bags. These are also designed to be put in with your food scraps and garden waste. In cases in which the product comes already in a poly bag, I do not switch them out.

We get plenty of boxes here at Phoenix + Willow. They are often reused for shipping or given to family and friends in need or are recycled.

We love to purchase from companies who are doing their part for sustainability and social responsibility. We have purchased many of our current products in stock from companies who produce in small batches, who offer eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients and processes, and those who use recycled materials or deadstock.

This is just some of the work we are doing to become more sustainable. They are baby steps, but they are smarter steps for our small company.