Spring and Summer Color Trends for 2021

The colors we wear are so important. They set our mood for the day, they dictate the way people react to us and they play into our attitudes and mindsets.

Colors also make a fashion statement. Every year, some colors are hot while others are not. Wearing the right colors will make you look edgy, sophisticated and provide a high couture look.

Spring is almost here, and summer is close behind it. That means it’s time to say goodbye to the colors of fall and winter and hello to the light, bright hues that are a sign of the season.

2021 comes with a unique color palette that is a mix of vibrant tones and soft pastels. Read on to find out the Phoenix + Willow items that feature the colors you need to get a high fashion look.

Marigold Yellow

Marigold yellow is a bright yellow tone with just a hint of brown. It is vibrant and sunny but the touch of warmth means it works well with other colors. It brings the fun of the spring and summer months and will light up any room you walk into.

You can integrate marigold into your outfits with our Stay Wild Gypsy Child Boho T-Shirt. It has a great vintage style that will go well with a maxi skirt or a pair of ripped up bell bottoms. It sends a unique message and will add a brilliant splash to your looks.

Also in the realm of yellow, our Machete Muse Hoops  and Mini Hoops are perfect when you want to add just a touch of yellow to your outfit.

Sky Blue

After being stuck inside with the lockdowns of the pandemic, all of us can use a little more sky blue in our lives. The color will be integrated into fashion as a sign of hope this year will bring. It looks good when matched with other pastels like light pinks and yellows or you can wear light blue jeans to incorporate it as a neutral.

If you are looking to show your feminine side with ruffles and puff sleeves, then look no further than our Cotton Gauze Tie Front top. It's a lovely blue that goes great with white pants.

Sky blue denim goes with just about anything. With the bell-bottom look coming back, our Free People Just Float on Flare jeans are a must have item for the spring. They make for a terrific boho style that can be combined with anything from a band tee to a frilly blouse.

Pumpkin Orange

In spring, we say goodbye to neutrals like browns and beiges and hello to brighter tones like a vivid pumpkin orange. You may be amazed to find out how well this hue will blend with other colors. It makes a great combination with yellows, greens, blues and even reds and pinks.

The Molokai Tie Dye Yoga Duster is the perfect combination of orange and pink. It stands out as a neutral when paired with denim. It's versatile enough to wear to your next yoga class and then head out in shorts to run errands.

Our Wild Child Bohemian Kimono features a blend of colors including pumpkin orange, peach, cherry red, white and black. The orange color makes everything come together to provide a soothing visual that is neither dull nor drab.

Cherry Red

Cherry red always makes an exciting statement. And after the year we’ve had, we all need some bold positivity in our lives. You won’t want to wear this color every day, but when you feel like turning some heads, it will be a definite go to.

If you are looking to integrate red into your wardrobe, our Double Ruffled Red Open Front Kimono is the way to do it. You can slip it on over any outfit to give it that extra something. The ruffles provide a feminine look that adds elegance to your style and the red is slightly muted so as to work with a variety of color combinations.

Hot Pink

Hot pink is another exciting option and a great alternate to cherry red. It is distinctly feminine, fun and outrageous and it is just what we need in 2021. It can be mixed with other colors to tone down the look or wear it from head to toe to make a bold, fresh statement.

Our Opal Tie Dyed Tunic with Tie is a brilliant example of how hot pink can be integrated with other colors to create a standout look. Its tunic style and tie dye print make it the height of retro fashion. The pink blends with the hues in the shirt to provide a magnificent rainbow-like effect.

Butter Cream

Butter cream is another hue that works well as a neutral. This creamy white/yellow color takes white to the next level giving it an antique vibe that is soft and romantic.

Bralettes are a hot item and the height of festival fashion. Our Crochet Lace Pullover V-Neck Bralette comes in a variety of colors but the off-white selection provides a buttery, creamy look that works well under kimonos, ripped up rock tees, blazers and more. It has a sexy feminine style that is as appropriate for the streets as it is for the runways.

Mint Green

Mint green has a fresh look that can be toned down as a muted neutral or saturated to provide an eye-catching appearance. It is a soothing alternative to the bright neon tones and just what we need in times of stress and uncertainty. The color can be worn on anything from a puff sleeved dress to a sleek suit or it can be incorporated into looks via accessories.

If you are looking to add splashes of mint green to your wardrobe, our Indonesian Wood Opal Sterling Silver Ring is the way to do it. The opalescent tones begin with a soothing green color and gradually deepens to black. The piece is perfect for bringing out the mint tones in your outfit or adding a random splash of color to everyday looks.

The colors you wear mean a lot. This article discusses the hottest colors of the coming season and how Phoenix & Willow can help you achieve the looks you are after.