How to Get That Rock & Roll Style at Any Age

Women of a certain age, I know how you feel.

You were listening to Metallica from the very beginning and you’ll be damned if anyone is going to deprive you of your right to rock!

You squeeze into those skinny jeans, you pull on that vintage Iron Maiden tee (that Vegan Leather Moto Jeggings available at phoenixandwillow.comyou actually bought at the concert - and still fit into!), you pile on the eyeliner, you rat out that hair and you emerge…looking exactly like your 15 year old daughter.

Now that rock has cycled through generations, the unthinkable has happened. We are listening to the same music as our children. But as time passed, bands have made changes to their sound to keep things fresh and help them appeal to a younger generation.

Well, what about the clothing? Like these musicians, we have to think about how we can bring our rock & roll style into the modern age to get a look that works for us. 

Read on for tips on how you can get that rock & roll style no matter how old you may be.

Hitting Rock Bottom
Let’s start with the bottoms. If you feel good about wearing jeans, there is no reason to shy away.Super Flares available at

Skinny jeans make a neat and put together rocker-chic look that is ageless and timeless. And while you might not want to wear the same styles you wore as a teenager, there’s no hard and fast rules against wearing the styles your mother wore as a teenager. Bell bottoms are back and the bigger the bell the better. Go for bell bottom denim jeans or rock those psychedelic prints!

For a more professional look, take the wide legged cut a step further with a great pair of cargo pants or wide leg jeans or go all out boho-chic with a fun and flirty maxi skirt.

Take it to the Top
When it comes to tops, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make stylish rocker tees a staple in your wardrobe, especially if they have a fitted look.

If your work prohibits that kind of casual dress, you can still stick-it-to-the-man and let your freak flag fly by wearing glam looks the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith would be proud of. Ruffles, bell sleeves and wild patterns are all the rage and they are stylish enough to work on women of any age.

Wynona Ankle Boot available at phoenixandwillow.comThese Boots are Made for Walking
Finishing off your rock & roll style has never been easier than it will be if you have the right pair of boots. Boots are terrific because they dress up most looks elevating casual, everyday wear and working at more formal events as well.

A rocker mom should always have a variety of ankle boots in her wardrobe including Beatle boots and motorcycle boots that will be perfect with jeans. Tight-fitting knee highs will be ideal for most dresses and skirts.

Flowers and Beads
Feeling like a plain Jane? Accessories can get you from dull to dangerous with the edgy rocker appeal you are going for.

Stack up thinner bangles or put on some thicker ones for a style that pops.  Hoop earrings are always fun and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Stackable rings are another modern look that is perfect for rockers of any age. Spikes have always been synonymous with rock n’ roll and a spiked belt or bracelet will give your outfit a rock & roll appeal.

Stars, roses and feathers have always been considered rocker chic and they are still popular today. Look for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings that bear these shapes and images.

Grab a Brush and Put a Little Makeup
If darker matte tones don't quite work for you, go with a smokey look with soft grays and browns. In general, the right foundation, along with neutrals with warmth will give you a soft glow that will keep you looking youthful…and that’s just about as rock & roll as it gets!

And nothing is going to complement those chunky skull rings like an unusual shade of nail polish. Once exclusive to the younger generation, today, women of all ages are wearing nail polish colors in shades like flat blacks, deep reds, eerie greens and magnificent purples.

Almost Cut My Hair

A lot of rocker women are using funky colors in their hair like pink, blue and purple. Subtle touches such as dying the tips can make a fashion statement - just like your leather pants!

If you haven’t changed up your hairstyle in a while, think of going for something with a modern, trendy edge. A shaggy, layered look will lighten up your appearance and give you a punk appeal that let’s everyone know you still rock.

Not many of us look forward to getting older but being able to maintain our rock & roll style can make the aging process a lot more fun.

How have you updated your rock & roll style throughout the years?