Four Ways to Wear Your Kimono

The kimono first appeared over a thousand years ago, but today it's a vital piece of modern fashion. It can be seen on women of all ages and works as a terrific streetwear and formalwear look. 

Kimonos date back to eighth century Japan. They were first worn in the Heian period which spanned from 794 to 1185. They were a popular piece of clothing for special occasions such as weddings, funerals and tea ceremonies. They were known for their elaborate designs and fine silky materials.

Over the years, kimonos have waxed and waned in popularity, but they have established themselves as a timeless fashion item. Today, they are bigger than ever. This is due to their terrific looks and endless versatility.

Let’s take a look at the kimono and why it’s so popular.

The Many Ways to Wear a Kimono

One of the reasons kimonos are so popular is because they are so versatile. Although they were originally worn as a robe-like dress, in modern fashion, they are more often added to outfits as a light jacket. Let’s take a look at the many ways you can wear them with your outfits.

Festival Fashion: Kimonos are often incorporated in the festival wear that is being worn everywhere from the streets to the runways to the desert concerts that made them so relevant. They are the perfect item to wear over bralettes and high waisted shorts. Add platform sandals and a sunhat and you are ready to rock! They have a terrific psychedelic, throwback look, and their light weight makes them the ideal for offering protection from the sun and from chilly desert winds.

As Formal Outerwear: If you’re headed out to a formal occasion, such as a wedding or cocktail party, a kimono makes terrific outerwear. Its dressy look means it’s a great complement for an evening wear and its flowing style means it will never dig in to cause wrinkles or cut into the line of your outfit. It will look ideal over anything from a dressy jumpsuit to a voluminous dress to a micro mini.

To Dress Up Every Day Looks: Ever feel like your outfit needs some more spice but you just don’t have the time to deal with it? Slip on a kimono. A kimono will give your outfit that extra splash of color and style and all you have to do is put it on over your clothes. It will look great over jeans and a t-shirt, slacks and a blouse, skirts, shirts and more.

As Loungewear: A kimono will even get you looking glamorous when you’re sitting around at home. Its soft, silky material will feel sensual against your skin and its light weight makes it the perfect spring or summer robe. Wear it over undies, lingerie, or nothing at all.

Angie mixed print tie dye kimono | Phoenix + Willow

Finding the Kimono That’s Right for You

If you are thinking of adding kimonos to your wardrobe, Phoenix & Willow has your back. Here are some kimonos we are showing in our Kimono collection.

    Mixed Print Tie-Dye Open Front Boho Kimono: An absolute favorite

    last year, this Angie kimono is back in full swing looking hipper than ever! It features long kimono sleeves, one-of-a-kind tie-dye, and goes great with tees, tanks, or camis.

        Sister of the Moon Lace Boho Kimono: Gorgeous in both black and white, this kimono is all about the 70’s. Channel your Stevie Nicks in this beauty featuring a layered hanky hem and 3/4 asymmetrical sleeves.

          Novella Royale The Bianca Robe: The Bianca Robe has a dreamy, paisley deep blue and light pink pattern that takes you away. Its flowing cut capitalizes on its elegant appeal making it the height of boho chic. It is knee length with a three-quarter sleeve. It will look terrific with almost anything you wear.

          Blue Mandala Print Boho Kimono: The Blue Mandala Kimono has an edgy meets vintage look. Its swirly patterns are captured in a geometric design that is the epitome of today’s fashion trends. Wear it instead of a blazer to give your professional looks a beatnik flair.

          Wild Child Bohemian Kimono: This kimono has a predominantly cherry red all over print. Its maxi cut will make you feel like royalty. Its bohemian look puts it on top of the latest trends. The six buttons up the front mean you can wear it open or closed making it fabulous when worn as loungewear or over elegant attire.

          Kimonos offer the perfect blend of old and new and their convenience and versatility take them over the edge. Don't be afraid to pair your kimono in unique ways because there is only one you and you are unique.