Band Tees: So Much More Than a Fashion Trend

Van Halen Smoking Baby Tee | Phoenix + Willow

If you’re a rock n' roller there’s no doubt that band tees are a staple of your wardrobe. Your t-shirts are so much more than pieces of clothing. They are meaningful memories. Each one represents a stage of your life, as well as the special moments connected to it and the way a band’s music makes you feel.

There has been some controversy over whether or not band tees are ‘trending’ or ‘in style’. But those who have music in their souls know that band tees are so much more than a fashion trend. Their meaning makes them a timeless look that never goes out of style.

Read on to find out more about band tees and how you can rock them in your wardrobe.

Why Band Tees Defy Trends

Rock tees have been a subject of fashion controversy over the last few years. While some have worn them loud and proud since day one, others have picked up the fashion in retrospect. They realized that the same people they teased years ago for their edgy denim and leather looks actually looked way cool and they are copping the style, whether they like the music or not!

Well, here’s what’s cool about it. The demand for rock shirts has risen. As a result, there are now more rock tees to choose from than ever. What’s more, you will find them in a variety of sizes and cuts.

So you no longer have to kick yourself about that Motley Crue shirt that you left at your friend’s house back in ’87. Now you can get a new one with cool graphics that fits nice and tight without the need to cut, sew and tie back with safety pins. 

Or maybe your friend begged you to attend a farewell concert in 1996 of punk rock band, the Ramones, and you said "no way!". But now you actually love their music.

Rock Tees are Still Fashionable

But just because band tees are just a fashion trend for some, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them as part of a fashionable look. Here are some ways you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

With Jeans
Rock tees and jeans is a classic look that never goes out of style. You will never go wrong putting these two items of clothing on together. You’ll rarely have to worry about color combinations or styles, just throw them on and you will always have a terrific casual look.

Band t-shirts go with almost any kind of jeans from skinny to bell bottom to boyfriend. You can even play around with different colors and washes of denim to add interest to your look. Finish off the style with pair of sneakers or ankle boots and you are ready to rock.

With Skirts
The dressed down look of a band tee is the perfect complement for a skirt. The feminine look of the skirt offsets the tee in a complementary way that makes the look terrific for a variety of occasions.

The most obvious go-to will be to wear the band tee with a mini such as a skater skirt or a skirt with a straight cut. Add a pair of combat boots and fishnets and you have a sexy, rock n’ roll look that’s perfect for a night out at the clubs.

If you are going for a bohemian, hippie chic look, pair your band tee with a maxi skirt with solids, floral or tie die prints. This is a terrific look for festival fashion.

With Pants
If you like the rock shirt and jeans look but want to take it up a notch, try substituting the jeans with a hot pair of rock n roll pants. Think of wearing your tee with a pair of wild colored spandex leggings or trousers. You can also finish the look with a sleek pair of leather pants.

Another option is to pair your band tee with a pair of slacks. Be creative by wearing your t-shirt with a high waist, wide legged pant look (think 80’s era David Bowie and David Byrne). You may even be able to get away with this look at the workplace.

With Shorts
Festival fashion is making a splash and, as a result, denim shorts are back with a vengeance. Think of wearing your band tee with a ripped pair of high-waist denim shorts, ankle boots, a print kimono and a sunhat. This look can’t go wrong on the festival grounds.

If you want to go more straightforward rocker, pair the tee with leather shorts, fishnets and combat boots.

When Can I Wear a Band Tee?

Band tees may not be suitable for formal occasions and, depending on the dress code, your boss may not appreciate them at the workplace. Beyond that, the different looks you can create with your rock tee makes them suitable for just about any casual occasion. You can wear them when running errands, when hanging with friends, at the night club, on dates…really just about anywhere.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing a band tee, oh except maybe one…make sure you listen to a band’s music a few times before you wear their shirt!

Today, band tees are better than ever. They are more than just a passing fashion trend, they are a classic look that is fun, meaningful and fashionable.